Evaluation Reports

In order to guarantee the safety of a building over 50 years old, it must pass an evaluation report known as IEE, which is a periodic and mandatory inspection.

What does
it consist of

Building Appraisal Reports (IEEs) include:

  • Evaluation of the state of conservation of the building,
  • The evaluation of the basic conditions of universal accessibility and non-discrimination of people with disabilities for access and use of the building; establishing whether or not the building is susceptible to making reasonable adjustments to satisfy them,
  • The energy efficiency certification of the building.

They are necessary to access the rehabilitation aid established in RD 233/2013 of April 5.

There is a support program for the implementation and preparation of Assessment reports (Art. 33 of Law 8/2013) whose beneficiaries may be the Communities of Owners, community groups or owners ú Buildings only so that they obtain their reports before the end of 2016.


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